NVS4 police body worn cameras with built-in 4G wifi GPS optional

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The NVS4 4G WIFI GPS police body worn surface camera developed by us has many processing technologies, such as GPS, photography, video, recording and so on. It can help you collect evidence, regulate law enforcement, and ensure the accuracy and fairness of law enforcement.

  • body worn camera System: RTOS + Linux dual system
  • Video and audio input: H.264, MP4
  • Storage: 32GB/64GB/128G
  • Wireless: 3G/4G/WiFi
  • Protection grade: IP67
  • weight: 215g
  • Size: 96*62*34mm
  • Battery: 5000mAh
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    Overview :

    The main features of the Body Worn Camera: video recording, video capture, wifi link, 4G real-time upload. Its main functions are listed in the table.


    NVS4 4G Police body camera, H.264, AES, WIFI, GPS 4G body worn video camera with 2.0inch LCD real-time view the live streaming video

    Before installing and using this product, be sure to read the following warning: 
    Read this manual. (Safe storage)

    This manual is for future reference. 

    1. Please take it lightly during transportation.

    2. All installation and maintenance must be performed by professionally trained qualified persons.

    3.To avoid overheating, keep the recorder ventilated smoothly.

    4. If the recorder has smoke, smell, or murmur, please turn off the power immediately and unplug the power cord, and contact the supplier in time.

    5. If the recorder is not working properly, please contact the supplier who purchased the recorder and do not disassemble or modify the recorder in any way.

    6. Do not charge at high temperature. The overheating of the battery may cause an explosion, and the high temperature refers to not more than 45 degrees.

    7. Read the user manual carefully before using the equipment , follow the operation instructions strictly.

    8. Please do not knock or collide with this product at will to avoid product damage or data loss.

    9. Do not use the equipment in excess of the standard wet or high temperature environment , avoid the use of the equipment in the vicinity of strong interference sources and shielding equipment.

    10. To avoid the loss of equipment content, please backup the data in time after using this product.

    11. Please keep the front lens clean so as not to affect the camera or video.

    12. Avoid placing equipment in direct sunlight, poorly ventilated areas, or near heat sources such as heaters or heaters (ignoring this may lead to fire hazards).

    13. Please take good care of your user name and password.

    14. No module shall be replaced when the mainframe is live.


    NVS4 Model Police body worn cameras CMSV6 software:

    4G police body camera CMSV6 software


    Novestom 4G body worn camera CMSV6 GPS WIFI 4G software


    NVS4 Model Police body worn cameras parameters:

    System RTOS + Linux dual system
    Video and audio input Video compression standard H.264
    Video file format MP4
    Audio compression standard G711/ADPCM/AAC
    Audio input Double microphone
    Codec Video resolution 1080P/720P/VGA
    Frame rate 1080p@30fps/720p@30fps
    Bit rate high/middle/low
    Positioning function Built-in GPS or BD
    Storage Type microSD(TF card)
    capacity 32GB/64GB/128G
    Wireless 3G/4G TD-SCDMA / EVDO / WCDMA / LTE-TDD FDD
    WiFi (optional) 802.11b/g, 2.4GHz
    WiFi encrypt WPA2
    Interface Mini USB/30 Pin
    Other LED High brightness LED
    white balance support
    Auxiliary light source Infrared light, laser positioning, highlight LED flash
    Log function support
    working temperature -20℃~+60℃
    Storage temperature -40℃~+70℃
    Working humidity 40%–90%
    Battery 5000 mAh / 3500mAh
    working time recording 8 hours
    Protection grade IP67
    drop 2meters
    weight 215g
    Charger support,charge and Transmission data
    Size 96*62*34mm



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