Body Worn Cameras For Police

Body Worn Cameras:

Body Worn Camera is also known as the Police Body Camera or on-site law enforcement recorder. Integrated digital camera, recording, photo, intercom, real-time streaming view, real-time command function, it can digitally collect and record dynamic and static on-site conditions during law enforcement, facilitating police or law enforcement staff to enforce in various environments use.
At the same time, the Square camera camera4G wireless video transmission is more widely used in public security, security, justice, hospitals, airports, traffic police, security, military, construction and various indoor/outdoor testing sites as well as places that require real-time communication.

body worn camera

Introduction to Body Worn Camera:

Body Worn Camera is also known as the on-site law enforcement video recorder / police law enforcement recorder / on-site law enforcement recorder / single police law enforcement video recorder. Provide effective on-site image data for case command, detection and prosecution authorities to collect evidence. It has the functions of small size, easy portability and long standby time.


Body Worn Camera


Body Worn Camera features:

Video: Video capture is a core feature of the Body Worn Camera. Video resolution support 480P, 720P, 1080P, 1296P, 1440P and 1512P Full HD Video, the frame number is not less than 25 frames / sec, the resolution is not less than 320 lines.
Photo: support single shot, continuous shooting, capture.
Recording: Audio recording.
Infrared night vision: After the night vision function is turned on, the effective shooting distance is not less than 10m, and the facial features of the person can be seen clearly. The device with infrared fill light function should cover more than 80% of the recorded picture in the infrared fill light range at 5m. .
Digital zoom: can zoom in and take pictures, up to 128X.
Wide-angle shooting: up to 170° wide angle.
Graphic playback: Browse and play back stored video, audio, photos and other information in terms of time, format, etc.
Beidou/GPS positioning: It can receive satellite data and provide positioning information. The 4G model Body Worn Camera also has action track query, real-time view, on-site command and dispatch function.
WIFI connection: can connect camera to mobile app and view in real time; 4G camera can view video in real time remotely.
Walkie-talkie: You can use the Body Worn Camera to complete real-time calls. The NVS4-B and NVS4 instruments also have a cluster intercom function.
Laser positioning: The Body Worn Camera comes with a laser beam that assists in capturing video or photos.


NVS7 wifi body worn camera

Note: Usually Body Worn Camera has Bluetooth GPS WIFI 4G 5G large storage optional.


Body Worn Camera Data Management System:

Novestom Can provide a Complete Video Solution, and We support product development and production, including: The Body Worn Camera, The Docking Station for Police Camera and DIGITAL EVIDENCE MANAGEMENT SOFTWARE.

Body Worn Camera system

Novestom products:

Body Worn Camera has been approved by the Public Security/Special Police Equipment Quality Supervision and Inspection Center, and is accompanied by a test report to produce and sell. The inspection is based on the GA/T947-2015 Body Worn Camera industry standard, and the Market Body Worn Camera is diverse. Patent infringement cases against Body Worn Camera often occur. We have a number of patents and invention patents. In order to enable our customers to serve our customers, we always insist on quality, production and service as the guide to provide the best after-sales service for every customer.


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