How to Choose the Body Worn Camera For police

There are many kinds of body worn camera, including low price, medium quality, high quality, more support 1080P, while all Novestom‘s body worn video cameras video system solutions support 1296P and 1440P, H.264, H.265, GPS, WIFI, 720P, 480P and AES encryption protection.

Long-term outdoor work, in order to more accurately record the working conditions of the scene, accurate judgment of unexpected situations, this time we need a recording device, so in the current work, law enforcement recorder came into being, playing a very good advantage in all aspects of video, recording and photography!

Especially in the public prosecution law, law enforcement site will be worn by everyone!

smart wifi body worn security RTSP camera

A good law enforcement instrument should be light, portable, high clarity and durable batteries. In addition, in order to be more efficient, the 4-G law enforcement recorder will be recognized by many units. In the 4-G+wifi mode of transmission of law enforcement instrument, Renee law enforcement recorder has a very good effect, such as railways, public security, discipline inspection commission, political and legal commission, schools and customs. Subways and so on are used in many ways.

NVS4-B 4G body camera for police wearing

Post time: Jul-05-2019