Novestom launches its wearable body worn camera with AES256 encryption feature which is considered to be the safest protection to all kind of data.

Novestom’s body worn camera NVS7-D and NVS7 AES256 encrypts all frames and headers of the video during writing frames to memory card. That means everything recorded are encrypted at the moment it is being created. The encrypted contents includes the log files,videos,audios,text files.

How to set the AES256 key for body worn cameras? Novestom provides body camera manager, which can set all kinds of parameters of camera, also can use it to set the 32 bits AES256 key, user will need to input this key to the decryption software.

Novestom provides the decryption software also, user just need to open the encrypted file by the decryption software.It will then generate a decrypt file to the designated folder.

Why do you need a camera with encryption feature? This is critical important to make sure your video files are safe, no matter the data is stored in cloud or your own computer on hard disk. For example, if you lost your camera or the memory card of your camera or the cloud is hacked, even NSA won’t be able to decrypt the files, regardless all kinds of online decryption software.And if the police officers uses the encrypted cameras.They will only decrypt the videos which needs to be shown on court,they won’t see anything if the video is not related to a case.This will prevent most of the abuse use of data and protect the privacy of citizens.

Novestom has a dedicated team to enhance data safety of wearable cameras.And we welcome all organizations to raise your requirements , our team always listen to you and design exactly what you need.

Record with Novestom Body Worn camera, your videos will only be seen when you allow!

Post time: Sep-13-2019