NVS3 4K H.265 Video Body Worn Camera Comes With 2160P-1440P-1296P-1080P-720P-480P Audio Video Noise reduction-8PCS lights-GPS optional

Short Description:

Body-worn cameras are compact, wearable devices that can be attached to clothing to record video footage from the wearer’s point of view. They are often used for security, protection, and evidence collection. Here are some key points to consider when choosing a body-worn camera:

Compact and Unobtrusive: The best body cameras are small and discreet, easily attached to your clothing without causing discomfort¹.
Wide Angle of View: A lens with a wide angle is essential to capture as much of the surroundings as possible.
Durability: Look for a camera that’s robust and weather-resistant, suitable for all conditions.
Battery Life and Storage: Long battery life and ample storage capacity are important to ensure the camera can record throughout your shift or activity.
Data Transfer: you can transfer videos by microSD cards or USB connections.

For those in law enforcement or security, body-worn cameras can be an essential tool for documenting incidents. They’re also increasingly popular among content creators for capturing behind-the-scenes footage or streaming activities to followers.

  • CPU: 32-bit RISC CPU 1Ghz / 1Gb DDR3L
  • Video Resolution: 2160P(30FPS)/1440P(30FPS)/1296P(30 FPS)/ 1080P(30 FPS)/ 720P(30 FPS)/ 480P(30 FPS)
  • Recording Angle : Wide Angle 140 degrees
  • Audio : Two High Quality Built-in Microphone with Noise reduction
  • Dimensions: 86×56×24mm
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    NVS3 Body Worn Camera Overview:

    NVS3 is a 4K Police body worn camera comes with good quality, Audio noise reduction, 8PCS lights, GPS optional, 2500mAh battery to record 8 hours videos, Video format MP4 with H.264/ H.265,  2inch IPS LCD 480×360 RGB and Image Processor with WDR and 3D de-noise.

    NVS3 4K body worn camera for police from NOVESTOM


    High Quality DSP

    We used High-End security chipset with NVS3 body worn camera, Cooper with HD cameras, and large wide-angle function, make More clear and vivid image.



    Professional High-quality Lens

    6G Professional High lens, High Definition, Fine Quality

    NVS4-T-Body-Worn-camera-Lens -01


    A richer, more fluid of H.265 Technology

    H.265 video coding standard H.265 Upgrade, is commonly used 4K video coding format, the same image quality and bit rate, H.265 to take up less storage space.

    NVS4-T-Body-Worn-camera-H.265 -01


    140 wide Angle lens

    Lens viewing angle is a bit of a personal preference. Bigger is not always better. This unit provides a wide-angle lens, which is able to make the image without distortion and always true to the detail.

    NVS4-T-Body-Worn-camera-degress-wide-angle 1


    Product Application

    It is suitable for multiple fields to better ensure safety, harmony, and exchange of evidence

    NVS4-T-Body-Worn-camera-area-of-application 1


    NVS3 Body Worn Camera Parameters:

    CPU 32-bit RISC CPU 1Ghz / 1Gb DDR3L
    Video Resolution 2160P(30FPS)/1440P(30FPS)/1296P(30 FPS)/
    1080P(30 FPS)/ 720P(30 FPS)/ 480P(30 FPS)
    Video Format MP4 with H.264/ H.265
    Recording Angle Wide Angle 140 degrees
    Image Processor Support WDR and 3D de-noise
    Audio Two High Quality Built-in Microphone with Noise reduction
    Water Mark User ID, Time and date Stamp Embedded into Video.
    Record Button Front Big Button
    Other Button LED Button, Audio Button, Photo Button, Power Button, IR Button,
    Left + Confirm + Right Button
    Video Duration 5 mins, 10 mins, 15 mins
    Recording Time Above 8 hours at 1080P
    Activation prompt Vibrator & Speaker & LED Indicators
    Camera Format JPEG
    Snap Shot Capture Photos During Video Recording
    Photo Resolution 32 Megapixels JPEG
    Type Built-in 2500mah battery
    Charging Time 180 minutes
    Display  2inch IPS LCD 480×360 RGB
    Storage Capacity Optional 32G/64G/128G/256GB/512GB
    LED Light 8PCS
    White LED Support
    SOS LED Red and Blue LED
    Speaker Built-in Speaker
    Waterproof IP67
    Clip High Quality Metal Clip with 360° Rotation
    Dimensions 86×56×24mm
    Weight 130 Grams
    Working Temperature  -20C° ~ 65C°
    Storage temperature  -20C° ~ 65C°
    GPS Optional GPS
    Standard Accessories USB cable, Charger, Crocodile Clip, Manual
    Other Accessories Magnet Mount, Lock Clip, Car Mount, Harness, Lanyard


    NVS3 Body Worn Camera Accessories:

    NVS3- 4K body worn camera accessories




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