NOVESTOM’s S29D Tactical Military Helmet Cameras And Real-time Live Stream Visualization Command Platform

S29D 4G Tactical Military helmet camera Features:

NOVESTOM’s S29D tactical military helmet camera with FULL HD resolutions up to 1440P 2K effect, recording time up to 15hours at 1080P and support AES encryptions, easy to using, and supports 4G LTE & wifi real-time live stream, you can view it by Visualization command platform, and Real-time reception and scheduling of workers, data download, remote command camera recording, online video recording and playback.




S29D 4G Wifi Military Helmet Camera: A Cutting-Edge Solution for Combat Footage Capture

On today’s modern battlefield, situational awareness is critical to the success of military operations. Military personnel rely on their senses to detect and respond to threats, but what if they had a tool that could provide commanders and fellow soldiers with real-time situational awareness? This is where the 4G Wifi Military Helmet Camera comes into play.

4G WIfi Military Helmet Camera is a device that can be installed on a soldier’s helmet and capture high-definition video and audio of the surrounding environment. Unlike traditional helmet cameras, 4G helmet cameras are equipped with 4G cellular connections to transmit video and audio in real time to commanders and other soldiers. This allows for better decision-making and coordination on the battlefield.

In addition to real-time situational awareness, 4G Wifi tactical helmet cameras provide soldiers with a way to capture and record their experiences. The footage can be used for training and mission reviews, as well as for documentaries and news reports, giving the public a better understanding of the lives of soldiers on the front lines.

NOVESTOM offers a high-performance 4G military helmet camera S29D, which is equipped with GPS and night vision, allowing soldiers to capture footage in low-light conditions. It can also be used to track soldiers’ movements and provide additional context to footage.


S29D 4G Tactical Military helmet camera Field:

It is widely used in: Police, army, special police, escort workers, outdoor collective sports personnel, traffic police, judicial personnel, navy and air force, railway workers and all public service personnel, It can be easily attached to helmets and shoulders via Velcro


S29D 4G Tactical Military helmet camera Real-time Live Stream Visualization Command Platform:

Administrators have all operational permissions: add and modify users and devices, assign permissions, download all tactical military helmet camera and playback data, record remotely, view GPS and live streams, suggest cluster intercom assignments, etc. it supports web, PC and mobile verion to view and command. each interface max support 100PCS camera to display at the same time.

Real-time Live Stream Visualization Command Platform


S29D 4G Tactical Military helmet camera :

Tactical helmet cameras have become the norm for soldiers around the world. This military helmet cam review article covers some of the best military action cameras you can buy. There’s an in-depth review of NOVESTOM and a few other tactical helmet cameras so you can find the best camera for your needs.

The NOVESTOM series of cameras is constantly evolving and improving. Our latest S29D 4G tactical military helmet camera offers Full HD 1440P video quality.

NOVETOM FIRST S29D Tactical Military Optimized Helmet Camera
A tactical designed daylight and infrared helmet camera with an accessible form factor, rugged durability and a one-button user interface.

Stream live video data to teammates and commanders
Live video using Wi-Fi, cellular or tactical radio to collect and process real-time data to maintain operational advantage.

Equipment built for super-powered operators
Multiple power options, unlimited installation possibilities and a range of tactical accessories tailored to the requirements of the tactical operator.

The S29D tactical military helmet camera takes a different approach to the world of action cameras in a simple way. They leave the screen and the only button you need to operate is the on and off button. If you’re the type of person who always asks your correspondent how to use the radio, this might be the camera for you. The S29D Tactical Military Helmet Camera is better than anything else in terms of video quality. Its exterior design also provides users with additional mounting options when it comes to helmet cams.

Military Tactical helmet cameras S29D

Video Resolution 1440P(30FPS)1296P(30 FPS)/ 1920x1080P(30 FPS)/ 1280x720P(30 FPS)/ 848×480(30 FPS)
Video Format MP4 with H.264/ H.265
Recording Angle Wide Angle 140 degrees
Audio High Quality Built-in Dual Microphone.
Water Mark User ID, Time and date Stamp Embedded into Video.
Record LED Front Button with LED Indicator
Video Duration 10 mins, 20 mins, 30 mins
Recording Time Above 12 hours at 1080P  (4G off)
Pre-Record/Post Record Configurable up to 60s
Activation prompt Vibrator & Speaker & LED Indicators
Camera Format JPEG
Snap Shot Capture Photos During Video Recording
Photo Resolution 38 Megapixels JPEG
Type Built-in 4400mah battery
Charging Time 240 minutes
Battery Level Blue LED Indicators with 4 Levels (25%~50%~75%~100%)
WiFi 2.4GHz + 5.0GHz
4G Band B1/ B3/ B7/ B8/ B20/ B28A/ B38/ B40/ B41
Storage Capacity 32G/64G/128G/256GB/512GB
IR Light 4PCS 850nm Infrared LED with Wide Angle
Auto IR Control Support
Waterproof  IP66
Clip High Quality Metal Clip with 360° Rotation
Password Protection Requires Password to Access to Video
Dimensions 95 mm *50 mm *58mm
Weight 160 Grams
Working Temperature  -20C° ~ 65C°
Storage temperature  -20C° ~ 65C°
Video Encryption Support AES256
GPS GPS and/or Glonass
4G Software Platform Real Time Monitoring/ SOS/ GPS Tracking/ Intercom
Standard Accessories USB cable, Charger, Driver CD, Single Dock, Velcro Mount




Post time: Jul-01-2022
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