Our customer service staff now wear a body camera when performing their duties.

body cams


It sometimes feels like there are cameras everywhere these days: dash cams, traffic cameras, CCTV… not to mention the constant emergence of smartphones.

While some might see it as an Orwellian nightmare, the reason for the large number of cameras is simple: they greatly keep people safe.

At NOVESTOM, the safety of customers and employees is paramount, which is why customer service staff now wear body cameras.

Police and security services have been using body cameras for some time, and even supermarkets are starting to use them.

Our CSOs help clients in a variety of ways: providing information, buying tickets, keeping clients safe, and more. Sometimes this help involves having to deal with other unruly clients. CSOs also conduct ticket checks, a task that could put them in a confrontational position.

Cameras serve a variety of purposes:

Body-worn cameras can deter unruly or threatening behavior—many people behave differently when they’re being watched or aware of a camera’s presence. This makes customer service personnel safer when trying to get their work done.

In some cases, camera footage can also provide additional evidence about the conversation and situation*.

Importantly, the footage can also be used to look back at the situation after the fact: to see if things could have been handled differently and what could be improved – which ultimately leads to better service for all of our clients.

After several months of initial trials, all customer service staff are now fully trained to use body cameras and wear them when performing customer service and ticketing duties.



Post time: May-13-2022
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