4G/5G/6G real-time live streaming body worn camera with BT SOS PTT GPS optional in the future

In the future, 6G communication will be integrated into the body worn camera system, that is, the sixth generation mobile communication standard, a conceptual wireless network mobile communication technology, also known as the sixth generation mobile communication technology. The main promotion is the development of the Internet, we will integrate more stable 6G communication into the body worn camera.
The 6G network will be a fully connected world integrating terrestrial wireless and satellite communications. So it is more suitable for body worn camera to integrate. By integrating satellite communication into 6G mobile communication, seamless global coverage can be achieved, and network signals can reach any remote village, allowing patients in deep mountainous areas to receive telemedicine and children to receive distance education. In addition, with the linkage support of the global satellite positioning system, the telecommunication satellite system, the earth image satellite system and the 6G ground network, the ground-air full coverage network can also help humans predict the weather and quickly respond to natural disasters. This is the 6G future. 6G communication technology is no longer a simple breakthrough in network capacity and transmission rate. It is more to narrow the digital divide and achieve the “ultimate goal” of the Internet of Everything. This is the meaning of 6G, so it is easier to wear a body worn camera to law enforcement. .
The data transmission rate of 6G may reach 50 times that of 5G, and the delay is shortened to one-tenth of 5G, which is far superior in terms of peak rate, delay, traffic density, connection density, mobility, spectral efficiency, and positioning capability. 5G, realize 6G body worn video camera to transmit data faster to DEMS or command platform management.



Post time: May-14-2022
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