Recommended NOVESTOM’s body worn camera NVS4-T model

 NVS4-T 4G/WIFI live streaming body worn camera is developed by NOVESTOM in 2023

NVS4-T 4G live streaming body worn camera is a new product from NOVESTOM


It is widely used in law enforcement, security, medical care, health care, schools, transportation, and other fields. Body worn cameras are becoming increasingly popular in all occupations. The primary function of a modern body worn camera is to connect to a 4G or WIFI network, allowing the user to wirelessly transfer footage and access live streaming functionality. In this article, we strongly recommend NVS4-T live streaming body worn camera and 4G/WIFI function.


The 4G/WIFI mode of the NVS 4-T live streaming body worn camera allows users to directly access the 4G network or connect the camera to the WIFI network through a mobile device. This enables users to wirelessly transfer data to the CMSV platform without the need for cables or physical storage devices. The camera can also remotely control camera recording or platform recording video, allowing users to adjust settings, start and stop recording, and view footage from a distance.


One of the main advantages of NVS 4-T live streaming body worn camera 4G/WIFI mode is easy and fast access to live streaming. Users can transfer footage over 4G or wirelessly to a computer or mobile device, making it easier to share and store footage. This is especially useful for law enforcement officers, who may need to quickly transmit footage to other officers or to a central database. It’s also useful for healthcare professionals who may need to quickly share video with other medical staff.

NOVESTOM the best police body worn video security camera with live streaming functions


Another advantage of NVS 4-T live streaming body worn camera 4G/WIFI mode is that it is capable of streaming live video. Certain models allow live streaming of footage to mobile devices or computers, allowing real-time monitoring and communication. This is useful for security personnel who may need to monitor large areas or respond quickly to potential threats.


When using the NVS 4-T live streaming body worn camera in 4G/WIFI mode, it is important to consider factors such as battery life, range, and safety. Look for cameras with long battery life and a strong 4G/WIFI signal to ensure reliable performance in the field. You should also choose a camera with strong encryption and security features to protect your footage from unauthorized access.


Overall, the NVS 4-T live streaming body worn camera 4G/WIFI mode is a powerful tool that enhances the functionality and convenience of the camera. Whether you’re a law enforcement officer, a security professional, or just looking to capture footage of your everyday activities, body cameras with 4G/WIFI mode give you the flexibility and connectivity you need to do your job effectively.


Network: 4G + WIFI + Bluetooth +Optional NFC
Video Resolution: 2K Video resolution HD LCD Screen
Recording Time: 4400mAh battery continuous recording time: 15 hours at 1080P
Data Protection: AES and USB encryption.
Charing Dock and Connector: USB-C + Magnetic Dock
Backend Software: Real Time Monitoring/ SOS/ GPS Tracking/ PTT Intercom / group intercom (CMSV or Other open source protocol RTMP/RTSP/Onvif)


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Post time: Jul-17-2023
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