NVS4-C Police body worn cameras with 4G WIFI GPS AES256 optional

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NVS4-C 4G body worn camera with Ambarella H22,Anti Shake, H.265 coding, Wi-Fi Streaming,AES256 data protection, encryption body worn camera, onvif compatible camera. World’s safest body worn video camera.

  • Chipsets: Ambarella H22
  • Weight: 140g(0.31lb)
  • IP Rating: IP67
  • EIS: 6 axis image stabilizer(Optional)
  • Storage: Optional 32 GB,64 GB,128 GB,256 GB
  • Size: 84.5 mm*56.3 mm*27.3 mm
  • Warning Light: Red & Blue warning lights
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    NVS4-C 4G Body Worn Camera Overview

    4G/EIS Image stabilization/H22/AES256/PTT/Optional NFC/Bluetooth/Optional GPS/Built-in Wi-Fi
    - 4G&5G, AP/STA/P2P,Wi-Fi channel can be set by cam manager
    - Support Heartbeat Rate activate recording, Remote controller,   support re-development
    - Optional (built in 3G/4G module(FDD-LTE/WCDMA/GPRS)
    - Optional (camera talk to camera, camera talk to command center,    command talk to cameras);can set cameras to groups from     camera GUI or from command center software
    - AES256 encryption during writing files to memory card
    - AES256 encryption RTSP Video/audio/Text streaming data
    - Coding:H.264/H.265   



     High Quality DSP

    We used High-End security chipset with body worn camera, Cooper with HD cameras, and large wide-angle function, make More clear and vivid image.




    Professional High quality Lens

    6G Professional High lens, High Definition, Fine Quality

    NVS4-T-Body-Worn-camera-Lens -01


    EIS ( Electric Image Stabilization)

    Scientific anti shaking makes recording videos more stable,



    A richer, more fluid of H.265 Technology

    H.265 video coding standard H.265 Upgrade, is commonly used 2K video coding format, the same image quality and bit rate, H.265 to take up less storage space.

    NVS4-T-Body-Worn-camera-H.265 -01


    Extreme HD 1440P

    with the 1440P ultra high definition, this unit has the highest resolution in the market, ensuring excellent footage day or night. comparted to 1080P resolution, the image quality has been increased by 2 times, get ready to receive all the extraordinary images anytime and any where.


    NVS4-T-Body-Worn-camera-quanlity-resolutions -01


    140 wide Angle lens

    Lens viewing angle is a bit of a personal preference. Bigger is not always better. This unit provides a wide angle lens, which is able to make the image  without distortion and always true to the detail.

    NVS4-T-Body-Worn-camera-degress-wide-angle 1


    Built-in GPS Module

    Remote real-time positioning, support GPS real-time update location information.

    NVS4-T-Body-Worn-camera-GPS 1


    Low Power consumption, More battery life

    Built-in 4400mAh high capacity ion battery, without changing the battery design, super long standby, super large capacity battery, continuous 15hours of video, to ensure that law enforcement responsibility for a long time.



    Visual Dispatch System For The body camera

    Our system supports live streaming, PTT intercom, GPS real-time positioning, SOS alarming, Remote recording, downloading, fence management etc…

    NVS4-T-Body-Worn-camera-commanding-platform 1
    NVS4-C-4G H22 body worn camera police manufacturer


    Product Application

    It is suitable for multiple fields to better ensure safety, harmony, and exchange of evidence

    NVS4-T-Body-Worn-camera-area-of-application 1


    NVS4-C Body Worn Camera Button Function:


    NVS4-C 4G Body Worn Camera Parameters :

    Size 84.5 mm*56.3 mm*27.3 mm
    Weight 140g(0.31lb)
    Button Front big Record button and top Record button  easy operation
    Yellow PTT button
    Yellow SOS button(Panic button)
    Chipsets Ambarella H22
    Sensor OS05A20  5MP
    3 color LED indicator for camera status
    3 color LED indicator for battery level
    Programmable buzzer
    IR IR upto to 10 meters at 0 lux with visible shape image
    Flash Light 90 degrees view angle light source for low light condition can enable/disable by button press
    Laser Optional(position the object to record,enable/disable by button)
    Warning Light Red & Blue warning lights
    Shock Proof 1.8 m (5.9ft)
    IP Rating IP67
    Coding .H.264/H.265
    View Angle HOV 140 degrees
    Video Resolution 1080P30 (Chipsets support 4K,limit to 1080 for lower power consumption) / 1080P60 / 720P30 / 720P60 / 480P30
    Video Streaming Resolution 720P30 / 480P30 / 320P30
    Audio Streaming Support 
    Text Streaming Support 
    Streaming Bitrate 300kbs-4M kbs
    Snap Shot During recording
    Video Format MP4
    Picture Size & format 4M / 8M / 12M / 16M / 30M / 40M pixels     JPEG
    Audio Format AAC
    EIS 6 axis image stabilizer(Optional)
    SOS Audio alarm activates in all cameras at same group and audio 
    alarm in command certer
    External Camera
    External Camera Support
    Night Vision Ultral low light performance & IR LED
    Storage Optional 32 GB,64 GB,128 GB,256 GB
    Hardware Interface
    USB Port Support external camera connection
    Pogo Pin connection Support dock & go operation
    Wireless Connections
    Wi-Fi 2.4G&5G, AP/STA/P2P,Wi-Fi channel can be set by cam manager
    Bluetooth Support Heartbeat Rate activate recording, Remote controller, support re-development
    IR 10 meters  (2 IR LED)
    GPS/NFC Optional
    3G/4G Optional (built in 3G/4G module(FDD-LTE/WCDMA/GPRS)
    Clustered Talkback(PTT) Optional (camera talk to camera, camera talk to command center, command talk to cameras);can set cameras to groups from camera GUI or from command center software
    Alarm SOS button to activate warning signal in camera and in command center and advise command center the position of camera
    Text message Camera can send text message to camera or command center
    TCP/IP, RTSP, Onvif, GB/28181/JSON
    Recording Time 1080P Up to 14 Hours;480P Up to 16 Hours
    GPS and Wi-Fi on at 480P30 12 hours and 30 minutes 
    Standby Time 100+ hours
    Charging Time 4 hours
    Streaming&Recording time 7.5 hours(3G/4G version)
    Pre&post recording 
    Pre-recording 30 seconds to 60 seconds varies from resolution settings
    Post-recording 30 seconds to 60 seconds from resolution settings
    Motion Detect Support
    Security Features(Optional) 
    File Encryption AES256 encryption during writing files to memory card
    AES256 encryption RTSP Video/audio/Text streaming data
     Network Security Https&Http Server
     Wi-Fi Security  Dynamic Pin Code authentication
    USB Command&JSON command
    all camera settings available under mass storage mode
    all camera settings available under USB simple mode
    USB heart beat available
    Control over LED/buzzer available under mass storage mode
    Ambarella driver free even while USB encryption activated
    Support driver free connection to computer
    Mount solution
    Standard mount 360 degrees rotatable crocodile mount
    Optional mount MOLLE compatible mount
    Optional accessoires CLICKFAST Stud
    Video Stamp
    Content supported User ID/Device ID/Date/Time/Geo-tags/Logo


    Standard accessories:

    * The CD disc is cancelled, We will provide a link to download for you, please contact us if you need the CD disc files.


    Optional accessories:

    DMT22-NVS4-C-body-worn-camera-accessories-Lock-clip--chest-harness-magnet-mount-suction-mount-Epaulette-clip novestom



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