NOVESTOM | NVS4-C WiFi GPS 4G LTE Real Time Live Streaming Police Security Body Worn Video Camera model will be mass-produced soon


NVS4-C Hot body worn camera with 4G wifi GPS from novestom

NVS4-C body Worn Camera with Ambarella H22, anti-shake, H.265 encoding, Wi-Fi streaming, AES256 data protection, encrypted portable camera, onvif compatible camera,
4G LTE real time live streaming, EIS image stabilization, optional NFC, Bluetooth, GPS, built-in Wi-Fi 1440P video + real-time streaming. WIFI + Bluetooth, automatic recording triggered by Bluetooth wristband and gun sensor. -Group PTT, real-time communication-Large REC button on the front, …

NVS4-C 4G WIFI LTE-live-streaming-body-worn-police-security-cameras

NVS4-C H.265 video coding is a new video coding standard formulated by ITU-T VCEG after H.264. The H.265 standard surrounds the existing video coding standard H.264, retaining some original technologies and improving some related technologies. The new technology uses advanced techniques to improve the relationship between code flow, encoding quality, latency, and algorithm complexity to achieve optimal settings.


H.265 vs H.264 Quality Body Worn Camera  h.264-vs-h.265-in-storage


4G Monitoring software platform:

When the 4G body camera is connected the 4G function or WiFi function, you can see the real-time video and location of the 4G body camera in the monitoring platform. At the same time, you can create camera groups for management, and Support online transmission and download of video, online real-time view of video and real-time location, online intercom and scheduling staff, etc…










Post time: Mar-16-2020
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